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Why Plan Ahead?

     Give your family the gift of peace of mind by pre-planning your monument. Such foresight can save your loved ones from enduring emotional and financial burdens during their time of grief.  You also give your family the satisfaction of knowing that you have chosen exactly what you desire, resulting in a monument that most accurately reflects your life while also staying on budget.

     Our memorialists will work closely with you to review the many colors, sizes, shapes and designs available to select a monument of superior craftsmanship to be cherished by your loved ones for years to come.

     Pre-planned memorials are affordable, and we can also move your memorial in the event you relocate. In addition, you can enjoy the savings of paying today’s prices.

Pre-Need Simply means...
That you have decided to make decisions with those you love, so that later no one has to make hard choices alone...

Here are a few examples of why someone would want to pre plan

their memorial:

  1. Lesson the burden of their loved ones once they are gone.

  2. Get exactly what you want, how you want it.

  3. Make the decision together with your spouse.

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Contact us to schedule a meeting
with our memorialists: 785-632-3733


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